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For law firms in need of more than a single seat, our team will take care of training, on boarding and setting up your firm for success.

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Scope of Coverage

American case law from all practice areas (both published and unpublished), decisions from seminal tribunals, administrative bodies and select statutes and regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of payment options are available?
We accept VISA, Mastercard & American Express. Your payment information is securely encrypted and not stored by ROSS.
Are there any additional fees I could be charged?
No. You will not incur any additional fees while using ROSS. Make an unlimited number of queries in any jurisdiction.
Is volume pricing available?
If you are interested in purchasing ROSS for multiple users at your firm, please contact our team directly at Our world class sales and customer success team will get you and your firm trained and ready to make the best out of our AI Search.
Do you have more questions? Talk to one of our representatives.
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