A Senior Associate Quickly Finds the “Ah Ha” Moment

“I have every confidence that when I log onto ROSS, it's either going to get me the answer, or it's going to set me off on a research trail where I can get to the answers I need.”

Alejandro Miyar

Berger Singerman LLP


Alejandro Miyar is an associate in the Miami office of Berger Singerman, where he is a member of the firm’s dispute resolution team. Miyar focuses his practice on complex civil litigation in federal and state court, and has represented corporations, families and successful individuals in matters spanning borders and industries. Prior to joining Berger Singerman, Miyar practiced law with a large national firm. He also served as a national spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.


To leverage technology to improve client service.


Due to the complexity of the research Alejandro has to perform on a regular basis for his clients, he was immediately drawn to using ROSS because of its natural language search capabilities. “The plain language search capability of ROSS is quite powerful and easy to get the hang of.”

Providing Better Client Service by Using ROSS

Alejandro has been using Westlaw for nearly a decade, but he’s already incorporated ROSS into his workflow. “I’m very comfortable with Westlaw and am a fan of it. I think ROSS and Westlaw serve different purposes. If I have a very specific research project to do, where I need to find that needle in the haystack, I query ROSS and I'll immediately find lots of leading cases on the subject. I've been very impressed with ROSS’ results from a precedential point of view as well.”

“Like any lawyer, I measure value by time. And the time that ROSS has saved me, has been, in the few months that I've been using it, quite extraordinary. I have every confidence that when I log onto ROSS, it's either going to get me the answer, or it's going to set me off on a research trail where I can get to the answers I need. So in most cases ROSS is now the initial research tool that I'm using, alongside Westlaw.”

“I work on a lot of complex cases where the research I need to perform falls into a needle in the haystack search” he said, “and while I have spent a lot of time in my practice using more traditional legal research tools, I was interested to see how natural language processing could be used for legal research, so that I could spend less time finding the answer and more time putting it to use for my clients.”

In the relatively short time Alejandro has been using ROSS he’s already experienced the ‘ah-ha moment’ of immediately finding an answer to a complex question. “There have been several situations where if I hadn’t used ROSS it would have taken me an hour to an hour and a half to find the answer, so that’s a significant cost savings to my clients based on my hourly rate.”

Client Recommends ROSS

“ROSS Intelligence is really on to something. I’ve been really happy with the results on my research projects. ROSS can really help you, not just in a pinch, but also to focus on what matters - analyzing the issues. If this is where the company is at this stage of the product, then you’re really onto something very big and I look forward to continuing to use it.”

Alejandro Miyar

Berger Singerman LLP

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